Cheap arduino CNC

Hi everyone! I would like to make an arduino cnc. I've got arduino uno, nano, adafruit motor shield, 3 pieces 28byj-48 5V step motors, 3 pieces 2003uln driver and one servo motor(small blue one). So how may i make a cnc with them ? I try to do it as cheap. Anyway is there anyone to help me about this ? I saw some ideas on internet but they are not explain with all details. Here the url to see what i have and say whats wrong with it:

If you had put url tags on that link so it was clickable, I might have clicked on it.

I did all modification you said

That video just seems to show three motors sitting on a work bench.

What do you want your CNC system to do?

In general it is the mechanical parts of a CNC system that are most difficult - getting free running movement without any slack in the bearings and with the system being stiff enough not to be deflected by what ever loads are put on it.

By comparison with that the programming of stepper motors is easy.

As you have not said what sort of CNC system you have in mind it is impossible to say whether the 28BYJ motors will have enough torque. AFAIK they have a gearbox and suffer from a lot of backlash which may make it difficult to get precise movement.

I think you need to draw a diagram of the machine you are thinking of making and post a photo of the diagram. That way we will know what is in your mind.

...R Stepper Motor Basics Simple Stepper Code

Thanks for replied and asked. I would like to do such sytems. They are not cnc but it has same mechanizm. i wanna draw something on layer which i drew with 2D programme or at least it should cut a plastic or thin wood. Here the examples of product which i wanna do.

When you have a suitable mechanical sysem come back for programming help.