Cheap Arduino Nano MINI USB Nano V3.0 ATmega328P CH340G Not Uploading Code

I purchased a few of these cheap Arduino Nano boards on Ebay. I can not get them to upload any code on my Windows 10 machine for the life of me.

But when I plug it into my Raspberrypi workstation, the upload process works like a charm. Is Arduino/Microsoft building in countermeasures to combat these bootleg boards?

I read a few articles a while back such as:


No, that’s not the problem if you have a CH340 on your board. That problem was limited to counterfeit FTDI FT232 chips, which is actually one of the causes for the prevalence of the CH340 nowadays. I’m successfully using many different boards with CH340 on Windows 7. Have you installed the CH340 driver? You’ll need to provide more information on what the problem is with the upload process to get further help. Please do this:

  • File > Preferences > Show verbose output during: Upload(check)
  • Sketch > Upload
  • After the upload fails you’ll see a button on the right side of the orange bar “Copy error messages”. Click that button.
  • Paste the output here using code tags(</> button on the toolbar)