Cheap China modules for sending SMS in Europe->Sweden.

I have bought and tried two different China boards from ebay, these two:

But I cannot get them to work here in Sweden, even though they say it should work in whole of Europe.

I haven't connected these boards to an Arduino board yet, I have only put in a unlocked SIM card and tried to phone the number, but in both cases there is no phone signal, and the LED:s show there is no connection to the net.

Foremost, are there Swedish Arduino users here that have been successful to connect a cheap board to send SMS?

Secondly, are there people in Europe that have been successful to use these cheap boards?

Are you giving them enough power? External supply, capable of > 2 amps?

Don't use those cheap chinese models. Just don't. You're not saving much money, and many of them are nonstandard and don't have good documentation. Even though I understand chinese very well, I still can't use those things. If you REALLY want to save money, get stuff from keyes (the chinese producer). You can buy them at That being said, power your arduino from an external source (battery, plug, etc) to make sure it's getting enough power. Another possibility is that you're in what's called a "Faraday cage" - an enclosed metal area (a house) that prevents radio signals from entering. Move outside, and walk around for a bit. Also, check your antenna for loose solder. If none of those work, buy a real adafruit/sparkfun shield or a keyes one (keyes ones work just like adafruit ones, except for a few minor workarounds). Also, check your SIM card. It may or may not be compatible with your shield (chinese boards are very weird in this way. Some of the Chinese shields require that the SD card you use is exactly 2 gigabytes to work). I don't live in Sweden, nor am I an expert on SIM cards, but make sure that your card is unlocked. Also, SIM cards, as far as I know, are basically outdated. There is email, radio, etc that you can communicate with. If you suspect that your shield doesn't work in Sweden, keep your current one, and when you take a vacation or travel, try it in another country :slight_smile:
Hope that works!