cheap dcf77 module?

does someone know a cheap way to receive the dcf77 time signal?

Hi Nachtwind. has a dcf77 receiver board. number 641138 - 62 ‘DCF EMPFAENGERPLATINE’


Edit. There are even examples in the playground.

yeppp… i’ve seen that but 10Eur is, for me, too much for such a thing. i thought someone might know a layout. From what i understand i ‘simply’ need a very basic layout with an antenna on 77.5kHz. Mounted to an analog port, right?

I went to the IKEA this evening and bought a small ENSTA alarm clock. Pretty cool device. Has a DCF77 receiver and a temperature sensor. This little clock was only 5 euro and the good thing is, once you’ve removed the 4 screws you can just pull out the DCF77 module and it continues working! So now i’ve got a DCF77 module AND a nice little alarm clock for just 5 euro :slight_smile:

Hm, good idea…
you sure about the name? Seems like the german IKEA doesnt have this one :0(

I also ripped out a receiver from an old alarm clock. Came as a module, I just desoldered 4 wires and put 4 header instead so it’s breadboardable.
Conrad also has a little alarm clock which is less than 10 euro (found it:$ROOT&p_artikelbilder_mode=&p_sortopt=&page=&p_catalog_max_results=20, i would bet there’s a module inside as well (and a temperature sensor as a bonus), so you could try this.

By the way, the DCF77-library didn’t work for my module at all, so I wrote some code to get it going, so if you encounter any problems I wouldn’t mind putting it up here.

Greets, Otacon2k

It isn’t on the dutch IKEA website either, but it was available in the store. Maybe it’s some old stock they try to loose; the product dates 1999…