Cheap Display?

Hello, I am searching for a cheap display (not those 100$ ones), but at best max. 20$. It's just to display some numbers or a little text messages.

Is this suitable to use with the arduino?

Or DO i have to buy this one for example?

As far as I know both of those displays would work fine with arduino. I believe there are even some libraries out there already made to allow the arduino to talk to displays that use HD44780.

You might even try some of these:

Thank you. Then I will buy the one for 19$. :) Probably I will buy at hvw-tech and sparkfun. I live in Europe, and there's a much better choice available in us stores. :D But the shipping rates will be too high if I buy in more than 2 stores. But I will bookmark your link for maybe "upcoming" projects. :)

If you are happy using ebay then have a look at these:

I purchased 4x20 and 2x16 displays from this company and am very pleased with both.

Thanks for the links. :)

Is this display also suitable for arduino?

I also have an old Nintendo Gameboy (the really big one). The display still works. I already wanted to throw it in the trash. But can I use the buttons and the huge display with the arduino?

That sparkfun color display sure is an attractive price but I don’t think it will be easy to interface. Have a good search on google and see if you can see any code written for that controller and an ATmega chip.