Cheap Ebay EL Wire, could this work?


I just bought some cheap El Wire from Ebay that comes with its own 2xAA battery driven controller.
This one

Is it possible to use this controllers inverter to control the 3V El wire from arduino?
If that’s possible, how would I connect it to the arduino?

My best guess would be to connect the 3v and gnd connector from arduino to the + and - battery connectors and remove the

I would test this, but I’m to inexperienced to know if this could damage my Arduino (Mega 2560).

Any tips or help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Also, I forgot to mention, the button have 4 different states, off, on, blink, fast blinks, witch it cycles each button click.
Not sure if this is done by the button itself, hopefull it’s gone when I take the button away.

The switch is an input to the EL inverter's microcontroller, so will probably be 3V logic level, but might be a lower voltage. A multimeter to measure the voltage across the switch contacts would be a good next step.


Nice to find someone with the same objective as mine!

Have you succeed?

My problem is a little bit different, i’m planning to use it on an Arduino mini pro 5V… I’ve got not experience on electronics, so i’m not sure if the voltage difference would fry the elwire controller… Any Advice?