cheap emgs? will these work?

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I am going to be starting a huge year long project for college in september for which I will be experimenting using EMG sensors and arduino and max/msp/jitter or Pd, depending on how well the sensors work with either of the platforms, and have a quick question.

I have found the following products which I am interested in getting and experiment with before the project begins, so that I have my bearings as early as possible.

My question is whether or not a combination of a simple cable and disposable emg sensor would work? Or would I need to use some sort of amplification to receive the signals? Is this possible with arduino? Or do I have to go and spend like $200 per sensor. Keeping in mind that I’m a relatively broke student.

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sorry forgot to post links :slight_smile:

EMG sensors output very low level, high impedance signals that will require significant amplification and filtering to perform well with an Arduino. While it is possible to use a external voltage reference applied to the Arduino’s A/D system to handle lower level signals, I think using a purpose designed fully differential sensor amplifier would make success more likely.


so what youre saying is it would be possible to use the above but you think it isnt worth the hassle? See I am trying to avoid the cost of using prebuilt systems. and rather using simple components.

Just saying there is a missing element between the sensor/cable components and the Arduino’s A/D inputs. There are circuit designs shown of the web for amplifiying and filtering these kinds of signals, search around some. Here is publication that states some signal processing requirements.