Cheap HC-06 send data only when i reset arduino

Hello colleagues,

I will need your help with a HC-06 module that i buy on aliekspress.

the exact modul is here in the link

So i wire the bluetooth module to an arduino nano, connected the bluetooth module to the android and via a bluetooth terminal i send the comand to the arduino.
If i check the signal with a probe i see that the data have been recived and send to the bluetooth module.

But i dont recive nothing on the android phone, but when i reset the arduino the bluetooth module send the data to my phone.

So i check with the probe and find out that when i reset the arduino the line to the bluetooth module goes from positive to ground.

So i thought, that if i put the line on ground then the data will be sended, but unfortunatly it wont happen, do anybody have any idea what should i do next ?

the code is in the attachment

Thank you verymuch for your help

Bluetooth_1.ino (1.65 KB)

What is the “TSL2561” stuff?

And it is much easier for people if you include short programs directly in your Post using the code button </> so it looks like this


I think you have to remove that “pinMode” line.
The SoftwareSerial library controls that pin.

Do you have a voltage divider on the TX pin of the Nano.
5volt logic from the Nano could be unhealthy for the 3.3volt BT module.

Thank you very much for your answer

First of all the TSL2561 is a sensor that read the luminositiy in the area, and then send to the Arduino.

So i removed the pinMode Line but the problem persist, as i can se the problem is maybe in the HC06 module.

But i tried with another HC 06 modul but the problem is still there, i think that there can be a problem with the diode at the input of the HC 06

Did anybody had this problem before ?

Thank you guys for your help

I found the problem instead of println function i writed only print and so the bluetooth terminal didnt recognize what to do

Thank you again for your help