cheap-ish source for some LED's!

maybe some other brilliant mind has spotted this by now ::) but I just found a reasonably cheap source for local leds! Instead of paying about 3 bucks for two or three leds at radio shack, I bought one 200-light set of led christmas lights for $20 at walmart! I'm also going to wait for them to go on sale to buy up a bunch more if they're still there :P I just took one apart to check out the innards, they've got reasonable leads on them, not full length, but more than half. Check out the photos I've got: They seem pretty reasonable at 10 cents each, but I'm also thinking of shopping for some in bulk online. I've got to try my first matrix to see how it goes :D anyone else know of a super-cheap source of them? or is it a forbidden subject? ;D

There are a bunch of eBay LED dealers that I trust about as much as I trust Radio Shack. More, actually.

My you should try your local wholesale dealers in the electronics market.

I am from New Delhi India, I bought 1000 LEDs for about Rs 750 ( $ 16.5 approx ). Next i am going to buy RGB Leds cost quoted Rs 1350 ( $ 30 approx ).

So maybe you can find the local wholesale market in your city. Hope this helps someone.


The usual recommendation is buying LED Christmas lights in the New Year when the stores are desperate to get rid of them. Mind you ,you then have the hassle of removing the LEDs from the wiring and the limited colours available. :)

YES You should check out the local wholesale dealer you could get better price and dont eed to wait for it to come ;)

That's not a very exciting price for LEDs, though it beats Radio Shack if you need to get some in a hurry (as long as it's around Xmas time :) ).

The LED in your pictures is different from the ones usually found in the surplus market: it has that concave conical top that tends to disperse a lot of the light to the sides, which is nicer for some purposes than the narrow-angle point-source style that's more common in high intensities.

The sockets and diffusers might be useful for other projects. What sort of wire are they using in the string? I'm guessing that, given the price pressures, they use something really fine (and probably not very durable) to keep the cost down.