Cheap Keyboard + Arduino = Better than expected Synth

A 2 dollar 68 cent chinesse keyboard with the original micro controller removed.

The Arduino is scanning the keys and buttons and generating all of the sound in the clip.

Current controls include -

37 Keys which can be transposed up and down by upto 7 octaves to access the full range of midi notes - I am using the transpose keys in the video to shift the arpeggio up and down the octaves 4 Waveforms - Sine, Square, Ramp, Dirty Triangle Adjustable Arpeggio speed - very fast sound like a chord or chorus effect, slower speeds are what you hear in the clip.

Lots of potential for additions, I will also do a series of blog posts on how to build this that could be applied to most cheap keyboards.

Enjoy -

I have started this currently empty blog post as a place holder for part 1 of the build -

I will be combining this with the modular synth concept I am working on here -

Duane B

just subscribed to your blog, cool stuff, thanks for sharing!

Thanks, This project has turned out better than I expected. I will add a few more functions and publish it over the weekend.


Hi, Can i interface my keyboard(Yamaha PSR E323) with laptop using Arduino ATMEGA 8 board for transferring MIDI files?

Hi This topic is about replacing the very limited capabilities of a cheap kids keyboard with an Arduino Based synthesizer engine.

Your keyboard looks more capable, you should probably start a separate topic asking if what you want is possible, include details like what a midi file is, what its supposed to do and whether the keyboard already supports midi or not.

Duane B