Cheap Laser Cutter

So, where is the catch in this?

Anyone bought anything like this? Its very tempting.

postage seems to be almost as much as item cost!

Mowcius bought one:,75708.0.html

I have one, used mainly for SMD stencils and acrylic items. It takes about an hour to get going once you have it(aligning mirrors etc) and the software is junk but does what it says on the tin.

Thanks - sounds like they are basically okay and the price is fantastic.

I wonder how long before we get desktop laser diode versions?

If you live in the NorthWest UK, you're more than welcome to come have a play once its up and running again(just moved house).

Here's one of the first stencils I made with it:

Wat is the thikness of acrylic you can cut with such a basic machine? And can you cut plywood with it?

I've only cut 3mm acrylic and plywood, both were fine. has a guide of mods he has done, such as slowing the speed of the head to cut thicker material. Good machine for the price and each stencil only costs a few pounds to make.

Nice toy for men! Unfortunately the shipping costs to germany are to expensive...

sth77: Nice toy for men! Unfortunately the shipping costs to germany are to expensive...

Try They have a site in Europe. Price is alright on my side of the pond so I guess it's about same on your side. 180mm*180mm 3mm acrylic around 20 USD. I don't do this everyday only once every few months.

That's also always an option wich I somehow keep forgetting. Somehting like it's way cooler to own one myself. XD

Hi sth77,

if you wanna order one, please keep in mind that there may be a customs problem. Even green laserpointers are forbidden here... I couldn't believe that these lasercutters are allowed for private individuals.

kDuin (also from Germany)

I couldn’t believe that these lasercutters are allowed for private individuals.

They aren’t all that much more hazardous than CNC routers, but like all power tools they do require the exercise of at least a minimum of caution. A couple of years back, I designed and built a small machine which could accommodate either a spindle or a laser. Here’s a photo made during construction (before installation of cutting hardware):



This looks beautiful! I'm not a machinist but I use machines occasionally. Is the color from paint or some protective coating? How does the stages couple with the two rods? Ball bearing rollers? Are those stepper motors?

nice symmetrical looking design you own or from plans?

Man, that's nice

Funny thing, the rod plays a bit of a trick on the eyes, when you look left to right it looks like it's spinning

Thanks for the kind words. The design is my own, and it’s a really cheap machine - the body/frame is all baltic birch plywood sprayed with gray Krylon to seal it from moisture. The steppers give me 400 steps/rev and they drive 12 TPI leadscrews so that I ended up with 4800 steps/inch (~0.00023" step size). I couldn’t afford linear bearings, so I used Delrin slides on precision ground shafting. There are a pair of steppers driving the x-axis and one stepper each on the y- and z-axis.

I’ll add a photo showing the y-axis stepper so you can see the motor, mount, and leadscrew coupling - and another photo so you can (sort of) see what it looked like with the spindle attached on the first day of testing.