Cheap LCD

does anyone know a cheap LCD that i can order from digikey that is compatable with the arduino. All of them seem to be $10+ and i need atleast 3 and im trying to save money for my mame galaga cocktail machine.

for something like an LCD, I can't really say. $10 sounds about right to me. These prices don't look any better:

What kind of LCD do you need? How many characters? How many rows? What kind of interface?

Try this place: - dipmicro electronics

Where are you located btw? Shipping could make or break the deal, but shipping for me is very cheap since I’m in Canada itself (dipmicro is located near st. catharines).

i bought some cheap lcd's off the shipping was kinda high though and it took forever to get here, but they were cheap enough and worked great

I know these work, but you're probably not in the UK :)

Less than 2 bucks a throw......

okay thanks guys i think i got some ideas

If you want to wait for Thailand shipping. No backlight, also.

USA shipper, and still a great price.

Future reference: Just google/search eBay for "HD44780 LCD" :).

Digikey and mouser have some $7 16x1 LCDs with no backlights...

But in general the attraction of LCDs is that the frequently show up on the surplus market (or can be removed from scrounged equipment) for a lot cheaper than that.

interesting thing about sure electronics, is when they have overstock or awesome new products they will pop up a special on ebay

I got my 100mhz o-scope probes (pretty decent ones too) for list price + free shipping on ebay, which is where I first discovered them

and yea it took like 3 weeks to get here, but with the free shipping I did not mind