Cheap long distance wireless

Hi, maybe you have heard about: but i dont want to wait until its finished (will it ever finished?) so my question is, do you know an arduino compatible wirless system with around 1000m distance?


Greetings Bauerbyter

I think that Flutter project uses 2.4GHz. They don't say what power they use. In my country is only 100mW allowed, and a directional antenna is not allowed. So in my country 1km is not possible.

Some walkie-talkies use 915MHz and they have a long range. But in some countries only 433MHz and 868MHz is allowed and only for home projects.

I don't know the range of the XBee Pro : This project uses the seeedstudio 2km modules : This is 4km : There are many more of those modules. They are like normal modules with an added RF amplifier for more power.

The answer is : Yes, but... is it legal ?

Thanks! Hm i'm from Germany, i dont have any information about what is legal. Maybe i should inform me first about this. And I should say that i need a wireless system which can send and transceiv in one modul.

There are many transceiver modules, they cost a little more. You need a good antenna. For example :

For hardware look at the RFM69 family of products, all other things being equal 433MHZ will give you better penetration/range through walls, trees, etc. than 2.4GHz:

There are a couple of integrated ATMega328/RFM69W devices available in the US, not sure what it would cost to ship overseas:

These are well supported by at least two different libraries:

The RadioHead library supports multiple wireless chips and is being very actively developed. Depending on obstacles and desired bitrate, 1Km is certainly achievable,114.0.html,112.0.html