CHEAP modular technology.

I got thinking after seeing cheap shops, everything for $2 / 1 Pound, etc... could the same thing not be applied in the electronics world...

You buy modules that interconnect with other modules, except they come in plastic housing which simply lock on and connect to other bricks, I2C and an Attiny85 could be the brain / heart... you want a clock, connect the red clock module, want a temprature sensor, add a module, want a barometer, add a module..

Shops full of plastic modules which are simply clipped on to existing hardware, no fuss, no mess, Think Arduino but for EVERYONE?....

has this been done? or is this a newish idea?

The QuadRAM shield: add 512 kilobytes of external RAM to your Arduino Mega/Mega2560

cool thanks :slight_smile:

Lovely idea, but the price ! could have been a great christmas present but I think I stick to bread boarding with the young ones.


Modules are do-able, but not for that price point.

I prefer the breadboard approach of getting your hands “dirty” with the actual components, but I quite like the connector system used here.

I was thinking along the lines of "for kids and idiots"

I researched a similar approach because im a noob and wanted to prototype. I only found gadgetter and seeed duino grove boards. Both appear to be fast prototype systems but without the plastic case. Both are rather expensive at the component level.

"for kids and idiots"

Idiots come in many shape and forms. Many of them are adults.