cheap piezoelectric microphone

i was wondering if there is any cheap hobby peizoelectrec microphones that you could buy, if you found some could you please leave the part number and the retailers website.




Technically, an electret mic is not a piezo mic since electret requires a bias voltage.

A true piezo earphone used to be in every $0.79 crystal kit sold by J. M. Fields and others in the U.S. during the early '60's. Piezo

Piezo microphones are less common because the crystals were high impedance and there is difficulty matching the shielded microphone cable without putting amplifiers into the mic proper. Dynamic (magnetic) were superior for audio recording and inexpensive to build, a fact not usually reflected in the retail price!


Looks like the homebrew crystal radio fans still buy these things: link

Assuming they have google search where you come from, the best thing I've found to do is an image search first, before anything else. Then scroll down the page till you find something of interest. Cuts out about 90% of muckaround wasted search time.


Vintage, eh?

(Vintage but dynamic.)

Here's the classic:

Popa, as always, do tell us why you are interested in a piezoelectric microphone rather than the usual electret or something else?