Cheap scope with LCD

Can you get it in Kit form?

I would like to assemble it myself :)

Thanks :)

Can this scope measure a PWM output used to control servos?

PWM was exactly what I was thinking on testing when I posted my last comment. I will test it this Saturday and post the results.

It is spec'ed for 2M/s and 1MHz so I think it can probably handle it :)

One real world test is worth a million pages of specs though, so I look forward to seeing some test results :)

I published 2 videos on youtube. They can be accessed from here:

The first video is the Arduino Fading example (PWM) captured by the "Cheap scope with LCD". Second video is the same signal captured by a Rigol DSO.

Nice, thanks :slight_smile:

Nice videos.

Now that you also sell the rigol scopes, what's your impression on these ? Are there any issues with real-time sampling rate getting to low at some settings, or lousy single-shot bandwidth ? I've noticed that there's some noise on the PWM signal shown in the videos. What's the overall verdict on these ? Firmware bugs, oddities, stuff that just doesn't work, any of "why didn't i buy a tek ?" ?

I'm basically stuck somewhere between a DS1104B and the TEK equivalent. I think the 2.5k memory of the latter is just too small. Some of the older rigol ones have 1M, but the bandwidth/sampling rate relation is lousy.

Buyers are very satisfied with the Rigol scopes. They manufacture the low entry scopes for Agilent and Rigol is already #2 in the US based on number of shipped units. This is the marketing stuff...

Regarding firmware, I have not seen any updates except for some folks in Germany that exchanged firmware through a forum, but I am using Rigol equipment and I had never upgraded the firmware on my equipment (Digital Multimeter, AWG, USB scope and desktop DSO) because of a bug.

I like all the features that Rigol offers, more measurements, more trigger modes and more powerful features added in the latest models E, D and B.

But the truth is that I cannot compare the Rigol VS the Tek, because I only owned an old CRT based Tek scope... so no experience that I can share... and I really do some very basic stuff with the scopes, nothing fancy or complex.

What is most important is the people behind Rigol. Rigol USA is really very helpful regarding customer support. Very nice "real" people operating Rigol USA from Monument Colorado.

The DS1104B availability in the US slipped to Jan 2009.

Hope this helps

Is there somebody in Europe selling it?

cool! hope to get one this coming week. I am so excited about this thing!

The Velleman HPS10 Hand Held Oscilloscope sells for about $109.95 and has a 10MHz sampling rate according for the specs and 2MHz analog bandwidth

Could someone repeat the PCM demo with a Velleman HPS10SE and post that to youtube? I definitely don't want the Rigol price point, but the cheaper PCB oscope seems a bit slow to refresh with dynamic signals. Maybe the Velleman is a good middle ground.

In case anyone's got this thread on notify, I put a "first impressions" test of the oscope in another thread at - seems okay for seeing individual bits in an i2c conversation.

Nice. I've been looking for an appropriate oscilloscope.

I've seen the oscilloscope that relays information from the arduino to the computer which is updated on a Processing graphics window(Pretty nice), but with sample data being 3 bytes and the practical limit of the rs232-usb converter being 167 bytes/s, the practical bandwidth of it is ~56 Hz, which obviously palls in comparison. If one weren't to use the computer's USB connection for relaying data, then the limiting factor would be, at least, the Atmega168's analog-in's sampling rate of ~100ms on average, which limits it to 10 Khz(or around 5kHz in the worst case).

The fact there's something else out there that's cheap and has a bandwidth of 1Mhz is pretty nice to know.

Any way to connect this scope to a computer?

Using a serial port I believe, but serial ports are very slow


Seems really interesting to me…Is there anything out there that is a few steps better? 2 channels, faster lcd

Yes, but not at this price point

The kit is about $33 I believe

A basic Velleman scope sells for about $110-$120 fully assembled with LCD but no backlight


I'm new to scopes, and this is just the sort of 'basic, entry-level' scope I've been looking for. I'm going to order one soon :D

$33 for the kit from China and $48 assembled from the US

SeedStudio has the Kit and the assembled version

NCK in the US has the assembled version only


can anyone testify to their "goodness"?

I mostly wanna use it with PWM to servos and to LEDs. Would this O-scope be good for my application?