Cheap, small , project boxes

Anyone else look in the candy racks for small boxes to house project in? I found this sour gum that has great little plastic boxes that's are easy to get into (and you get to chew the gum too :) ). Any other good places to look for cheap project boxes to keep things neat?

If you have them in your area, dollar stores typically sell cheap plastic storage containers in a variety of sizes. Craft stores also sell cardboard, wooden, and plastic containers for storage and crafting. There's also discount retailers (like TJMaxx/Ross) that sell decorative boxes that could be repurposed (some would make awesome boxes for steampunk designs).


Altoids containers! They're a hacker's favorite enclosure for a lot of things! People have even build Arduino Clones inside them!

People have even build Arduino Clones inside them!

I know!

The board is a Sanguino board + RTC + dual 12 bit DAC. There is a Li-ion charger and battery underneath. The switch has three positions -- battery - off - external power. I just added a uSD card. Once the uSD software is tested it will be released.

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I like the Altoids box, but can you give me any guidance on the best way to insulate it so I don't get a short? Metal containers sort of worry me. Thanks. :)

I usually glue thin pieces of cardboard to the bottom and top of the box or fasten the board to the bottom of the box with machine screws and small insulated spacers.

I like the Altoids box, but can you give me any guidance on the best way to insulate it so I don't get a short?

The boards shown have #2 mounting holes. I just use #2 hex standoffs and #2 screws. If you don't went screws on the outside of the case you could glue the #2 standoffs to the inside. I built those for a quick demo so I used the board as a drill template and drilled through the Altoids tin.

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I just bought a small clear plastic box today at Staples (an office supply store); it was an impulse buy - I was walking around the store when I spotted a display filled with small plastic boxes. I remembered this thread, and...

I found one that was a little larger than an Arduino - it can easily hold the Arduino and my prototyping shield together; I've only done a test fit, but it looks like you would have to put the Arduino in a far corner of the box in order to be able to drill/cut holes for the external power supply input and the USB port; I might play with it some tonight if I have the time after I work on cleaning my shop.

It cost $1.79 US.

They had one that was smaller, but I wasn't sure the smaller one would be able to fit an Arduino inside. They had another with the same footprint as the one I bought, but about twice as tall (you could probably stack a couple more shields on and it would still fit - I think it was the .3 or .7 litre version). Several other sizes were also available. They were all fairly low priced.

They were made by this company:

Mine is the "0.2 Liter - Small business card size box"; it looks like these:

...but it is clear with blue snaps. It feels pretty sturdy, and has reinforced corners (its kinda molded like a small milkcrate). With the lid and snaps closed, it is a surprisingly sturdy box. I also just noticed another thing: if you look at that photo above, notice the holes on the snaps? There are corresponding holes on the box lid; you could easily use four small machine screws to secure the lid down! Pretty neat, huh? Its almost like they designed it to be used as a project box! In fact, it seems like all of their boxes are designed in this manner...

back in the day, cassette tape cases

course with smd, you can go still get 5 or 10 packs of tapes use the cases, then gut the tapes and use them as cases too!

hot knife recommended

I have the 0.14 l rreally useful box, colored black. I will be using it for a small 8*16 led matrix, as it is the perfect size to fit an arduino and even a couple shields and a 9v battery. Best of all, easily openable so easily reprogrammed or modified (the circuit, I mean).

Ok, I found the name of the candy whose box I really like:

IceBreaker's Sours. Nice rectangular plastic box with round edges.