cheap sound module: what version is this?

today i received this sound modules i ordered on ebay hong kong, they should accept serial commands as confirmed by the seller. What i don't understand is the version i got. On the ebay auction it was showed the "V1.4" and the description says "DC2.5 ~ 4.5V"

Now this board shows "V1.5 / 2012.01.12", and "5v / 3.3v"

that means i can power it via arduino 5v?

someone have the right datasheet for this version? i have found this one but it's outdated.

I sent an email to the seller, waiting the response.

From the picture I see it has a solder jumper for selecting between 5V and 3.3V (currently set to 3.3)

Looks like only 6 of the 8 pins on each side are populated.

The pinout seems to match this (pretty crappy) document for the WTV020-SD-16P:

thanks for your exam do you think if i change the solder of the jumper to the 5volts, it will burn when connected to the arduino 5v?

or can i use a resistor to power it at 3.3volts with arduino?

Don't Arduino nano have a 3.3v output?

Do you think if i change the solder of the jumper to the 5volts, it will burn when connected to the arduino 5v?

I think you should change the jumper to 5V if you are going to use 5V power and logic.

Can i use a resistor to power it at 3.3volts with Arduino?

You CANNOT use a resistor on the power line to regulate voltage. Either use 5V power or 3.3V power. Set the solder jumper to match.

the-rebel-agent: Don't Arduino nano have a 3.3v output?

yes but .. "when running on external (non-USB) power, the 3.3V output (which is supplied by the FTDI chip) is not available"

so i think i will try to change the solder to the 5volts pin as suggested by Johnwasser (thank you)


I have similar problem with yours and I find an alternative. This module playbacks directly mp3 files in stereo. Without the need to convert.

Got the same one. Which brand of SD card are you using?

Im confused... :)

the one you have pic of...'looks' like it uses micro SD? (uSD socket?)

is this correct?

the hong kong store/link..looks like it uses a regular (larger) SD card? is this correct?

Id like to get one if its microSD...

let me know.


Mini is just a name, It uses a micro-sd card. Bought the same from that link.


I just wanted to confirm that is didnt use NORMAL (large) sized SD card.. and did, in fact use the micro SD card..

the pics were bit deceiving..

good to knwo it 'does' use all SMD copoennts & uses a micro SD card..

(going to order 1 or 2)..

anyone get theirs up and running yet? would be interested looking at the code/interface (class functions) used/created.

I said mini cause eBay listing says mini. In the other hand, we are in the same boat. If I am lucky today, will be able to get a 1gb micro card to test the board tonight. Keep you posted. it.

I assume you guys are going to try using the 2-Line Serial Communication protocol?

plugged everything and nothing. Just the led blinking twice and later, just keeps on. I assume that he is not reading the card cause I erased everything from the sd card and still doing the same.

mine is not working too maybe i connected it wrong to the arduino or maybe it doesnt support 5volts or maybe the skecth i used was wrong, or maybe the files must be mp3. There are very few informations on this module combined with arduino.

i used this scheme (except for the 5v power) to connect it to analog A3 A4 A5arduino pins

Will try that this night. I am using these audio files already converted to ad4

Tried mp3 control mode, as I told you via pm and did not work cause the module is hardwired to work 2 serial line mode. I am also using "kingstone" micro sd card brand. I am pretty sure they are fake, but vendor told me that any brand will be fine.

i also followed the very confusing informations here:

and used this test sketch with the appropriate AD4 sound file loaded on the microsd 1gb card and named 0000.ad4

but it keeps silent

What about the busy light? What about its behavior?

i dont remember, i tested weeks ago

we must test all kind of files: wav, ad4, mp3

should connect also the led blinking status on the module to see if it's working

we should know if the connection scheme as showed above is correct (connected to the analog pins of arduino) and if the skecth test is ok

that means we need help