cheap usb solution for embedded arduino

In my current project (a pen plotter) I'm planning on embedding an atmega328 on perfboard to save cost. The problem I'm facing is that my project needs to maintain a usb connection with a pc and the only available usb to serial solutions are surface mount(ft232) which I hate, or are really expensive and all my cost saving would be in vain. Does anyone know any one chip USB solutions for atmega328 that are cheap and not surface mount?

Look at CP2102 modules from e-bay.
Works like an FTDI module. Select one that has DTR signal brought out to a pad. Cut the trace that bring RST to a pin, wire the pin to DTR instead.
Glue the module down to your perf board if the header jumpers are not secure enough.

Otherwise, no, no non-surface mount USB/Serial adapter chips seem to exist.

no non-surface mount USB/Serial adapter chips seem to exist.

There are lots of USB/Serial cables that have been used successfully with Arduino clones (not always with auto-reset.) Check the archives for additional info (ie ) Some of these are very cheap.

There are USB/Serial modules that are DIP-like in size. Most recently FTDI's new products: Development Modules High Speed - FTDI

The chip that Microchip uses for their USB/Serial converter seems to be one of their microcontrollers (available in DIP) with some custom firmware. You could presumably put in "reference" microchip libraries into the DIP version. This requires a crystal, and some way to program the PIC...

Several people have done clones that use another ATmega chip (ATmega8) running VUSB, as the usb/serial adapter. for example.

A USB type A plug or type B socket has 4 pins and cost less than $1 at Mouser. I chose socket, the cable can unplug from the device then.

The V-USB site has libraries and examples to drive those 4 pins.