cheapest ethernet shield solution

sorry if this is iisn't in the right spot. Where is the cheapest ethernet shield I can purchase. I swear I saw one somewhere for 15.99. it might of been on ebay but cant find it again. it seems all the other ones i see now are about 30-40 bucks with shipping. If I could find one that is a kit it wouldnt be a problem. If anybody has any suggestions of where the cheapest hardware is plz enlighten me. I am buying rbbb's from modern device. Sweet boards by the way. I wouldn't mind buying the components and building it myself if that is the cheapest solution.

Maybe you were thinking of this?

Remember though you still need to buy the ethernet module as well, ~25 - $40

Cheapest solution is probably to grab one of the 15-18 dollar Wiznet+RJ45 modules. Make sure it's the same chip that is used in the Arduino Ethernet Library. You may not actually have to make another board, there are few enough actual connections to the Arduino that you might be able to just use wires. Check the adafruit shield to see what connections I mean.

This one is new, it uses 0.1" headers instead of the 2mm headers, so it will be a lot easier to hook up.

sweet that is exactly what I was looking for. Yes I was thinking of the adafruit shield. I had been looking around and just remembered the price but didnt look at the specifics. Thanks for pointing out that it is only the shield and not the module. For my rbbb's I didnt really care about the shield anyway I just wanted the functionality. This forum rocks. Thanks for the help