Cheapest method for streaming Arduino to Arduino without WIFI?

Hi all, was wondering what the cheapest method for streaming video from arduino to arduino without a wifi signal would be. I am aware of the ESP32 but I could not find any concrete answers or videos of it streaming to another video where the video is being displayed. I am asking this as a phone would be too large for my application and I also need sensors on the camera module.

Thanks in advance.

Fastest datarate would be SPI.transfer() from one to the other (Atmega to Atmega).
Not sure what video datarate could be achieved.
Nick Gammon has a good write up & example sketches

the ESP32 is the closest 'Arduino' to do anything with video.
check out transfer speeds and video quality.

ESP-NOW is an ESP to ESP connection without without error checking,

you might want to do some research on plain speed of data transfer and not add in 'video'
data transfer is a broader term and should yield more results.

The OP might want to explore the going ons of the ESP32CAM.

Can you please elaborte.


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