Cheapest PCB Fab for small qty?

I think about getting it now to the next level and wanted to fabricate a first PCB. As etching and toner transfer is a no go for me here (got no laser and etching costs almost as much as buying a pcb it seems) i wanted to know whats the best place for small orders?
I am between Propaganda and BatchPCB, and cant decide… my project would fit basically on an Europlatine (roughly 10cm x 6cm) and would need only 2 layers.
I guess i wouldnt need more than one or two of those PCBs…

What would you advise?

I have only used BatchPCB, they are not that expensive but they take some time. But my experience is that if you order one pcb, you get two.

As for the problem of not having a laser printer you could always just go to a local copyshop and laserprint it there. Etching reactant doesn’t seem to be very expensive (see for example). I didn’t do this myself yet, but am thinking about getting such a small etching set and doing the copyshoplasering.
Propaganda on the other hand sounds better an better to me, also always played with the thought of ordering a pcb there, but i always feel like i should have something near final to do an oversea-order of 5 pcbs whicht afterwards turn out useless because of design flaws.

Try Seeedstudio propaganda (fusion) PCB service: 10-pieces 10cm x 10cm for $50. I can’t think of any European PCB manufacturers who have a service as cheap as that but I’m sure someone will suggest one ;).

The only problem I have with Seedstudio propaganda (fusion) service is I wish they would offer a 15cm x 15cm or 20cm x 20cm sizes as well, as their Domino service ($49 + $0.12 sq cm) price wise pretty much the same as other suppliers.