Cheapest PCB house?

Hi all. I have used iTead and OSHpark before - OSHpark seems expensive for anything bigger than a 2x2cm board, iTead are very cheap but sometimes I don't need 10 boards.

What are the other options out there?

Cheapest per board or per area or per order?

Have you seen Fixed price per unit area.

well when I calculate a 50x50 mm Board on ragworm it says 15,50 GBP... that's 26 US-$ ... FOR ONE BOARD. If I go to ITEAD I got 20 for that ... incl. shipping!

So for me there is no other vendor then ITEAD. Quality is good and I haven't found a cheaper one until now. Ok ... it takes a while until you got your PCB's but that's not a problem for me.


are the ones I have used before..

all have their pros/cons.. some offer slightly better prices.. others offer free color...etc..

depends on the size of the PCB you want made.. and qty.


What are the other options out there?

I've heard really good things about though I typically use OSHPark.



I think it you answered it yourself. Itead is, if not the cheapest, then within 5% of it. Personally, I like OSH Park and Bay Area Circuits (you can order right out of DipTrace with Bay Area Circuits). They aren't the cheapest but they are relatively fast and very good quality.