Cheapest simplest way to make lots of copies of a prototype


I currently have a project that I made on an Arduino mega board with baked-in USB host capability. This is the Arduino board that was handed out at GoogleIO 2011.

My project works nicely, but there are three problems: 1) I'm only using a few pins (3 necessary, 4 optional). So an Arduino mega is way overkill 2) The boards cost $70+, and I want to make 20 of these devices. 3) The boards are 16MHz speed but I only need tens or hundreds of kHz

Therefore I am looking for the simplest, cheapest way to get this working for a large number of duplicates (I want to make 20 copies of this).

Can anyone recommend a REALLY simple cheap way to do this? The two functionalities I need are the microcontroller and associated hardware, and the USB host hardware.


take a look at the Leonarduino clones just coming out

fm and crossroads both have boards that you can build for a fraction of the price you quote

For 3 or 4 pins an ATtiny might do the trick.

USB host? Host usually provides power to slaves.

A minimal hardware board can easily be designed, bare PCBs had from iteadstudio pretty inexpensively, your time in assembling them is what keeps the cost down.

Any more info on the "Arduino board that was handed out at GoogleIO 2011" ? Was this just one of the standard Arduino's?