Cheapest way for bootloader and sketches

I'm looking for the cheapest way for bootloading and uploading sketches to my microcontroller ( Yes, I'm buying atmega328s without default bootloader for getting them cheaper ).

I don't have a parallel port in my computer ( kind of a new one ), so what I need to use is USB. My idea is to buy 2-3$ USB to parallel cable and with couple of resistors( 0.2$? ) get it to ICSP.

Uploading sketches would be handled with CA-42 or some similiar cable which I'm able to get from Ebay with 3$.

So overall I'd be paying 6$ for this. Now, what I need is opinions and better ideas for getting away cheaper( yet easier? ). I live in Finland so take shipping fees into account.

Examples for using those cables:, DIY USB to Serial Cable For $3! – uCHobby

If you already have an Arduino board, then the cheapest way to burn bootloader into bare chips is using the following tutorial:


Sorry for not clarifing that I don't have a board. You can suppose that I have no equipment of any kind.

If you can find a USB-to-TTL-serial converter with a FT232RL, you can use this method to burn bootloaders...