cheapest way to charge Lipo batteries ?

i am looking for a simple device to charge all my Lipo batteries from cameras etc and for powering all my devices .any ideas what to go for ?
they all got 3 pins but different shapes .

I purchased a universal lipo charger from Jessops some time back (so you're out of luck there I guess). It cost about £30 at the time, but had interchangeable face places to take lots of different style batteries.

Battery charging and power supplying are two completely different ball-games. A regulated power supply gives a constant voltage at whatever current is required at the time. A lipo battery charger intelligently switches between constant current and constant voltage, and monitors for end of charge conditions, etc to charge the battery up properly.

The three pins on the battery packs will be +, - and T where T is a thermistor connected to -. The thermistor is used to help detect end of charge, and prevent over-charge and over-temperature conditions.

Different lipo batteries will ideally want different charge currents. In general, similar ones can use a similar current (in the ballpark as it were), but a 70mAh bluetooth headset battery will need considerably less than a 1700mAh camera battery, and charging the small one with a big current could cause nasty things to happen.

So no, it is highly unlikely you will find a "cheap" single device that will do them all. If you do, I'd be suspicious of it and turn it on with a long stick from another room.