Check arduino readings from a pc in a network


I have built an arduino based system on a ship with many temps and pressure readinds. The arduino is connected to a pc (Pc-A). I made a Graphical Interface app with VB.NET. Everything is working fine. The pc is part of a network.
I want to see the arduino readings from another pc (Pc-B) also connected in the network. I put the app i made in the Shared Users Directory of the Pc-A , made ever computer visible in the network, i entered from Pc-B into Pc-A Shared dir, accessed the app but no readings were being displayed.
Does anyone have any ideas if i can do it?

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You have to make the Arduino readings available on the network. Your application probably reads on the serial interface of the Arduino but that is not available on the second PC.

How can I do that? Can you give me some info?

There are a lot of possibilities. One is to extend you PC application to offer such a service to the network and add another application which accesses that service from the network.
Another one is to make a small application which reads the Arduino data and writes it to a central standard server (p.e. MQTT). Then you can use the same application on both PCs to display the values as both will read from the MQTT server.

But that's not an Arduino problem, that's a PC programming problem. You might better ask on a VB forum for details. I'm not using Windows.

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