check electricity with arduino yun + gsm or email with wifi connection

hello to everybody,

I'm new of "electronic science" and arduino world,

I'm interested in IoT and the possibilities offered from arduino yun, I'm going to buy an arduino yun kit (arduino yun + Board IN/OUT).

My first goal is to check if there is the presence of electricity and if not to send an sms.
the second one is to connect install a wifi webcam and check it with arduino.

Do you think this kit is usefull and what i have to buy to receive/send sms with arduino yun?

Thanks for your reply.


It would be simpler with a GSM card. If you dont have any electricity then you probably also dont have any internet connection. If this is the case you cannot report on its absence. GSM however will still work providing you have an independent power supply for the arduino and the GSM card.

Cheers Pete.

thanks Pete,

so i need an external pover supply and a gsm module, can you suggest me some components?

I saw this:

and this:

are they compatible with YUN?

thanks again in advance


are they compatible with YUN?

I have no idea .. what do the specification say ?