check for right parts (if they fit together) and for right circuit

Hi guys,

I'm a newbie on all this. I need a check on the parts I have choosen; if they fit together with voltage and amp and more...

DC Motor (6v - 11.500 rpm - 800mA):

H-Bridge SN754410 (can drive 4.5V up to 36V at 1A)

4 AA x 1.5v batteries (6v the same as the motor)

This is my circuit:

It seems to me the parts should be OK.

I presume the Arduino will be powered through the USB connection.

I have not checked your wiring - but presumably you have information about how to do that.


The wiring looks right to me, just be careful to orient the chip correctly. In your Fritzing pic, the notch must be at the bottom since motor logic supply is pin 16. Your pic has 5V going to bottom left so that’s where pin 16 is.

It’s more usual to have the notch at the top with vertical ICs, or on the left for horizontal.

@Robin2 - thanks for checking, yeah the arduino will be powered with the usb...

@JimboZA - thanks for checking too.. yeah I know that the chip are pointing down but it was the easiest to do in fritzing to make it look simple. Just to understand you right its usual to the chip turned with the notch at the top...? but the wiring are still right...?

Yes I think the wires are right, for the notch at the bottom.

Perfect..:D thanks again both..:D