Check movement on screen with hardware only

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Doing a proof of concept and need advise on which sensor to use; I would like to create myself an SMS-service that sends me a message as soon as something visually changes on a screen I have setup. Sending an SMS service is not a problem, but I want to know how to detect something when changes happen on a screen.

I want to setup a sensor, 15 - 30 cms from a 15" screen that continually visually monitors changes that happen on the screen. I want to check on intervals of 25ms. What kind of sensor would you use? A camera? Or any other sensor you have in mind? And, do you guys/girl perhaps

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This is too hard for Arduino IMO let alone dealing with screen refresh - why not look at what creates a change on the screen instead.

Agreed there is no way to do it on an Arduino. You could do this with a Raspberry Pi running openCV but even then it is not so simple. This is because ambient lighting changes, like reflections when people walk past, or lights get turned on and off, or the sun comes out, will effect the image from a camera. This will then trigger a false change.

Maybe an ESP-32 cam could do it. They are cheap and can do facial recognition.

But it seems like a strange requirement - I would not like to be getting text messages every time a few pixels on a screen change. Some program causes the picture on the screen to change - why use that program to send the messages?