Check my project shopping list please

Essentially I just want to get a small worm gear motor running back and forth to begin with. Its simple, but I'm new to all this and want to make sure that I get everything I need to start.

1) Arduino 2) Motor (was thinking of this one: ) 3) Breadboard 4) Some jump wires 5) L298N Motor Driver (thinking this: ) 6) Power supply (was going to run off 3 AA battery pack)

Is there anything I'm missing on this/ will the power supply/ arduino/ motor be compatible?

Appreciated any input, and remember, I'm a complete newbie to all this, so please explain stuff in detail :)

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That should work. But I would get a L298N breakout board instead of the chip. Easier to interface and is even cheaper when you get it in China.

About the AAA, don't expect them to last very long with a motor. Maybe better to get yourself a junkbin 2A USB charger ;)

I agree with septillion; good idea to pay a few extra bucks for a driver that includes a heatsink and is all contained and less messy than the bare chip. Otherwise looks good, just keep in mind that if you are using a 5 volt arduino (such as an Uno), it will require 7-12 volts to keep it running at 16MHz. You might get it to work with 4.5 volts (3 x AA), but it won't be as reliable. To solve this problem, either power the Arduino from USB, or get a 3.3 volt arduino such as the pro mini. (Or, if you are really adventurous, you could program the internal fuses to permanently set it at 8MHz so you can run a 5 volt arduino at 3.3 volts, but it probably isn't worth your trouble).

3x AAA will run a Uno just fine as long as you don't try to connect it to Vin. But if you connect it to 5V it will work just fine. But don't connect USB at the same time! To solve this you can connect the batteries via the USB port (just cut a random USB cable). This way the USB connector is occupied when you use the batteries. The USB power lines are connected to the 5V rail of the Arduino.

Or just use a junkbin USB charger or a USB powerbank ;)

Thanks for the replies guys!

Just to clarify, I should get the L298N breakout board instead of what chip? The L298N Motor Driver? I only ask because they look quite different. Do they do the same job?

Might get a USB powerbank then - any suggestions by any chance?

Try this one (from the US):

Or this one (from china):

For your kit, get a couple 5 volt DPDT relays and some transistors also. Try to control the motor with them. They do go CLICK CLICK CLICK . . . however. ;)

Hi, Some info on those/other Motor Drivers HERE: