Check out this snowflake project

I wanted to show off this project:

It uses an arduino an a load of 2811 LEDs.

I've also got an ultrasonic range finder so the lights can respond to your movement. I'm going to add an IR remote too...

Bet that took a while to wire up.

Bet that took a while to wire up.

Looks like WS2811 pixel strings to meā€¦dead easy to use!

Bet making those paper "flakes" took longer than the wiring! :)

Extending wire harness 50 x 6 solder connections = 300 connections (tinning 600, 300 connections, 100 shrink wrap): 10h Assembling Snowflakes: 5h Cutting Snowflakes: 4h Designing Snowflakes: 10h Other wiring: 2h Software: 15h Sourcing parts: 3h (had to go to local suppliers to get a few things) Installing and uninstalling: 2h