Check out what we made for Comicon using arduinos!!!

Here is the 10ft tall 400Lb robot suit we built and took to Comicon…
It was amazing to see thousands of people crowding around to see our work!!!
I had 7 arduinos controlling everything from servos to RGB lights to Sound effects!!!

See it in action here:

and here:

We are trying to get a buzz happening… or first upload to youtube passed the 1Mil mark a few days ago…

If you can share them on facebook!!!

Badass…! How much did the construction cost ?

I don’t bid the jobs so I don’t know… I can say that it cost 2000 man hours to make!!!

Pretty cool project !!



well done, 2000 manhours that is a tough semester project for the whole class!


That looks great, well done!

Thanks guys... I plugged arduino and the community as much as I could in the making of videos... Hopefully the editors leave some of my stuff in the final cut. Thanks to any one that ever replied to one of my Newby questions... Couldn't have learned it without you!!!!

Think the robot would be great in some TED talk about what one can do with Arduino…

Yeah he's already lined up for some shows and we will be releasing behind the scenes footage very soon...