Check this POV clock out!

I can’t believe someone would be able to do this. It’s not necessarily arduino but it uses ATMEGA644.

Insanely cool
Makes me question if I will ever make a POV thing.

Yeah this thing i’ve seen quite back would really like to get one working

Oh yeah I saw that one too a while back.

I prefer the POV globe that someone made with all SMD LEDs on the edge of the board.


hmm i was just thinking about it and couldnt make it how the wires are attached :-/

Maybe he used spring brush that motors use to supply power. I can’t imagine connecting to a rotating object with more than 2 contacts.

Now that I’m well rested over the night, I think he must have used, in software part, a display buffer for pdots in cartisian coordinates, and then another buffer where all the dots in the first buffer are converted to polar coordinates and then rendered. I still don’t know how he covered the origin maybe he attaches the PCB on the fan at places other than the axis of rotation.

There’s POV wih small investment…with at89c2051 or 89S52
but without clock.could be modified with RTC.


That was pretty poor quality. The texts don’t even stay in place and reading it made my head hurt. I’d rather build my own and try my luck tomorrow when I put mine on a nice rotation stage.

The clock still seems to be the best.

I think their camera was just refreshing at a arse rate causing the flicker

Maybe he used spring brush that motors use to supply power

Looks like he’s using an induction coil to power the board so no direct connection, same can be done with VCR heads, they have the induction coils built in

Cool! Then they need some rectifying circuit to get back to DC, right?

Yes, AC fed into the primary coil and is drawn from the secondary and rectified, same principle as the wireless charging electric toothbrushes

You’re right Osgeld. I have a bad camera and I tried my best and couldn’t get a good video out. :frowning:

Thanks P18F4550. I got it now. On the other hand, induction charging seems wasteful with DC. If you’re heating iron ore in a forge, yeah, there’s no other way, if you’re using induction oven, at least it’s cleaner than typical heating coils (where food collects in the “pan”) but come on, tooth brushes?

Tooth brushes is just one example, another would be wireless phone / ipod chargers where the device is rested on a stand or mouse pad type with no physical power connection

Toothbrushes live in damp environments. Induction charging means you don’t have to put apertures in your product, and so avoid moisture ingress.

Thanks Groove and P18F4550. I’ve learned something today!