Checking possibilities. 2 units communicating wireless, what type?


I'm new to this, and just started to gather information on a project I wish to accomplish.

I want to install a "multifunction" steering wheel for my track car. Inside the steering wheel, I only have 12v power. (The OEM lead for the horn rewired).

I want to install a arduino unit in the wheelhub and knobs/pots in a faceplate. (mainly inputs) This unit must communicate with a unit in the dash wireless. where all the outputs will be.

As far as I understand, this should be no problem to accomplish with arduino.

My question about this is: 1. What technology is recommended? Wifi, Blutooth, RF? I want these 2 units to be ready to communicate as soon as possible after switching the ign on.

In the future, I'd like the units to show data from CANbus from my standalone ECU on an LCD in the steering wheel.

  1. Not directly related to wireless question, but is it possible for the arduino to remember the state of an output channel through a power cycle, or long time without power?

Bluetooth sounds ideal for this if you only want to talk (pair) to one other device at a time (in this case the car). The Arduino has EEPROM memory that can store data across resets but is limited in the number of time you can write data to it but with careful consideration this should not be a major problem.