Chicken Coop Controller

my chicken coop controller. I have an Arduino Uno along with Ethernet shield and 4 relay board. This controls a water pump to fill their water from a rain barrel outside. This monitors temp inside and out and turns on heat lamp and vent fan based on coop temperature.

Future mods will be that is will control the chicken door open/close based on photocell input.

It now takes all of this info and displays on a small webpage I can see to monitor temperature and status of various in’s and out’s.

All of this is housed in a gutted UPS case. Cover off now for debug efforts if needed.

Working on blog site through Wordpress to log my progress and problems.
Coop Control Blog

All suggestions appreciated.

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Mind reducing those images to a more viewable size?

OK tried to resize images to more manageable size. Sorry took and posted with my iPad and didn't think about size.

Also there is a photo's page on my blog linked above.