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Hello I have a Arduino uno board which i could not add a new code to , i had a code in the board that controlled a nemo 17 stepper motor /thro A4988 driver board but every time i tried to add a new code and plug usb lead to computer it remembered the old code and motor started work one turn clockwise /two turns counter clockwise How do you clear the board or do you have to buy a new uno? Kind regards seebie

You don't need to clear the board, just upload a new sketch

If you want to make sure that the board does nothing then start a new sketch with just empty setup() and loop() functions and upload that. Try doing that and report back what happens, error messages etc

@seebie Your board should normally allow you to upload a new sketch. If what @UKHeliBob suggested didn't work for you, do the steps below:

  1. connect the board to your computer with a data USB cable.
  2. double tap the reset button to put your board in bootloader mode.
  3. now upload a sample code from the IDE (note do not upload your own sketch for now), say blink LED while the board is in this bootloader mode. If the upload is successful, tap the rest button once to exit this mode.

Note: the board will show up in a different PORT when in this mode.

  1. now upload that same sample code normally to the board now that it is normal mode. If the upload is successful, the board is back to normal again.
    This should help.

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