Chinese knock off oscilloscope

So I went out and purchased an oscilloscope from Atten Electronics off Ebay 404 Not Found model 1102. I wasn’t really expecting too much but so far I’m pretty impressed with it. I use oscilloscopes at work for moderate troubleshooting so my experience with them in moderately limited so my question is can anyone recommend any tests I can do to see how well the scope really functions? Some kind of tolerance testing basically. After I started playing with the scope a little and doing some more research it appears this model is knock off of a LeCroy WaveAce 212 Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

that is a nice looking scope (dreams one day) when I first got my scope I borrowed a function generator from work which was hooked up to a scope for a base reference, then mine to compare

I am no scope expert but it validated it enough for me

As Osgeld noted, a function generator would probably be the best thing to try it out with. If you really wanted to test it, there are special “calibration signal generators” out there, made for calibrating an oscilloscope. You would want to buy one of those “new”, and not used, because you want to know that your calibrated signal generator is calibrated itself, see…

The only problem with one of those generators is that they will cost as much or more than the scope itself.

Thanks guys…I figured for 400 bucks I couldn’t resist buying it especially since it was basically free money (I love when companies throw stuff out and don’t realize what they’re throwing out).