Chinese NHduino driver

I have problem with installing driver for my chinese NHduino UNO. The usb chip is CH34 (Hard to read) How can i install driver for my NHduino UNO?

Have you asked the question on the NHduino forum?

I do not know of that?? Is there a forum for that?

Pelle8879: Is there a forum for that?

I have no idea. Have you tried contacting the vendor?

The chip is the CH340 USB to serial chip, the driver is here.

Just download the driver, go to Devices and Printers(if using windows), search for update driver option, click it, select the driver and windows will do the rest. I have no idea if you are using linux.

As soon as I connected the NHduino, it appeared as COM4, but the driver was not installed. So I run the exe provided here and it installed automatically. Then I could upload the sketches even faster than with the Nano, that uses FTDI for USB communitacion.

Hi guys!

I bought Chinese NHduino uno, installed IDE and special driver for it (driver CH341SER, because my board uses chip CH340G), but it still is not recognized by Windows 7. When I plug in my board - nothing happens on PC. It is not take any COM ports. I hope you understand me, sorry for my english :)

Help me please...

The problem was in the cable... I tried another one - everything was ok. Thanks.