Chinese Nun-Chuck - eeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!

After trying to wire a nun-chuck as per some of the hacks in the forum i was disappointed… every time i connected my nunchuck the board would reset… so i ended up opening it only to find the following color codes(red for gnd???)

Black - Vcc
Red - Gnd
SCLK - Brown
SDA - Yellow

All completely bizzare!!! now i hook them up in that order and i get readings for the joy stick and buttons… weirdly the acceleration values are constant 185 1020 475… the board doesn’t seem to have an accelerometer(unless it is under the joystick!) its a single sided pcb… anyone with any similar experience?

Was the plug connected correctly? Where did you buy it?

ebay india.. i got it free with the wiimote... now i'm raring to open up the wiiimote... anyways i did find the accelerometer if under a blob of silicon...but still no readings out of it...