Chip Cap-D Temperature and Humidity Sensor interfacing with Arduino UNO


I have started working on ChipCap-D IC sensor. The IC has digital output. I have attached the ChipCap-D datasheet as well. How to use it with arduino UNO?
Any reference schematic, sketch will be useful.

CHIPCAP-D-50-TUBE-datasheet.pdf (213 KB)

That chip uses ZACWire for the digital output. I might have gone for the analog output for simplicity, but there’s nothing wrong with ZACWire, which is based on TSIC.

TSIC is also based on OneWire, but the OneWire library won’t work with it.

Here are some places to start:

as well as the attached ZACWire application note.

ZACWireAppNotes.pdf (606 KB)