Chip not on socket.

Most of the pins are correct but some are bent. Was this testet before?

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Did you receive the board with the chip like that? If so, that definitely shouldn’t have made it through quality control. It looks like an official Arduino board with the printed headers too!

You can very carefully pull the chip out of the socket, bend the pins all back straight, then put it back in the socket. Be very careful because once the pins have been bent like that they become very weak and could bend again easily or even break off.

Yeah I received it like that. It is an official Arduino, I bought it from this site :slight_smile:

Could remove the chip and bent them back. Now the chip sits like a charm.

I'am on Projekt #4 from the StarterKit Projectbook. Love it so far.

Good work! I'm glad you didn't let this hold you back from progressing.

That's a very good attitude to have for success with Arduino. Whether beginner or expert, it's inevitable we will all encounter some problems along the way to completing our projects. At that point what's important is to find a solution and carry on. Hopefully most people won't find their first problem provided for them right out of the box though!

Thats what I thought at second. Maybe they did it on pupose, so I learn a vital thing.

There will be some problems to overcome. :wink: