Chip off the old chip!

Just had to tell you, my lad went to Poland because he was nominated for an award from his work, just found out that he won.

It was for a system using Lab View. He is all self taught, like any kid he would never listen to me, and is a musician by inclination and degree.

Nice one. You must be chuffed!

Thanks. Yes, very chuffed. Details still coming in from facebook but apparently it was 360ft underground in an old coal mine turned into a restaurant. Part way through the tour an awards ceremony broke out.

Yay, way to go Grumpy Jr.


Graynomad: Yay, way to go Grumpy Jr.

"Smart Alec".

Nice :)

Hi, congrats mate, bit of a boost up in the technology world.
Of course he must have got all the brains from his dad.

Tom… :slight_smile:

Just had to tell you, my lad …

of course you had to. :slight_smile: I’d do the same.

Its OK to feel proud. Enjoy.