chip on glass display, interfacing with

I pulled a lexmark (x-4500) printer appart, and got the lcd out of it,

it's one of those chip on glass ones, with some rubbery black goo covering the components, and 8 pins.

on the back of it is a sticker with : 'MSGP 10422-07 070802B79' printed on it, can't find any info about it on google.

i have the board the lcd came off, and have found the first 3 pins are fed by fairly fat traces, pin 3 seems to be ground... it is connected to a large expanse of track that goes all around the pcb,

pin 2 goes directly to one of the connectors from the ribon cable that fed the board, then to a tiny resistor like capacitor to ground.

pin 1 goes to a capacitor to ground, and nowhere else that i can detect,

the 5 other pins have tiny traces going directly to the ribon cable connector, so are data lines.

i've applied ground to pin 3, and found if i quickly brush 5 volts to pin 1, the pixels in the display will flash in a random way every now and then, the display was used for displaying text only, but seems to be a graphical display fom the pixels i've seen light up (i.e. not blocks of pixels for individual letters)

can someone who has more experiance of these types of lcd's tell me is it is likely to be pin 1 vdd, pin 3 vss? would pin 2 be vdd too? (thinking power for the display, power for the logic and ground)

Then any way i could work out what the 5 remaining pins are?

i know it's a right pain, and it'd be easier if i just bought a display with a datasheet, but this little display would fit in a project just right, if i can work out how to run it.

Any news on this? I just ripped this thing out of a printer I found on the trash and would like to use it :slight_smile:

check, see if its like any of those.