Chip that outputs for some time when triggered

Anyone knows any chip that output HIGH for some seconds only when it is being triggered?

I don't want to use Arduino or Attiny for this simple task to drastically reduce cost.


The 555 is probably the single most common chip on the planet, and wired as a monostable is what you want. You will need to do some simple arithmetic to arrive at the values for the external components to get the timing you want.

Thanks a lot. It helps!

"Monostable multivibrator" is the key phrase. You can build one out of transistors, or there are many chip that integrate most of the functionality in an easy-to-use package, like the 74x123.

Or, this is one of the things that the famous 555 timer chip will do (over quite a range of voltages and times, at significant output power. In a large number of varieties WRT idle power consumption and whatnot.)

I feel compelled to point out that by the time you take your 555 timer and add the several needed external components needed to get it working, it's not going to be THAT much cheaper than a $1 AVR chip. If you already have an AVR somewhere, this is the sort of thing you can get its internal timer (or software) to do in parallel with other things it might be doing.