Anyone seen these:

Arduino compatible, but 32bit, up to 80MHz, extended I/O,more memory (128k flash), and, the price is the SAME as the Arduino UNO at Farnell (

Pretty impressive eh, I would definitely like to have a go with one. Perhaps the extra processing power and memory will allow for software implemented DSP (I'm thinking audio, perhaps some stompbox type fx).

Yes but it says:- Availability: Awaiting Delivery

It has been discussed in this thread:-

I was more commenting on the price, comparable to the standard UNO, Farnell says more will come in 20 days, presumably other places that sell it have it in stock right now.

Interesting thread, although it seems to more be about whether it is a threat to arduino, not about what could actually be done with the chipKit. I like the ease of use of the arduino and was hoping that it could have some more power for some more mission critical applications, this chipKit seems to be able to provide that. For example, I work as a researcher in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, mainly developing hardware, and an arduino with a bit more power (such as this chipKit) would be really useful, for example as a RF channel.