Choose good items for my project

Hello everybody,

In first, I would like to apologize myself, because my english is very bad. So I hope I will be clear… And you have to know that I’m a beginner with arduino. I bought “the starter kit”.

So, I have the project to control an engine to move a maximum weight of 3kg (up and down).

To start, I have an engine of a drill (HRS-RS550-12V) maybe later I will use a step by step, I kept the battery too (12V, 1.2Ah).

I know that I have to use a H bridge, but I don’t know which choose :cold_sweat:

I saw it:, but I don’t really know if it works with my engine and if I will use an engine more strong after… Or maybe the H bridge in the “starter kit” can be used?

To bref, what’s the assembly that I have to make to success.

Thanks a lot and, again, sorry for my poor english :~