Choose the right Board

Hi all, I need your help due to choose the right board for my project.

In a first step I need to control 4x MCP41010 and control 2x Helix P-DSP (Master/Sub volume via a micromatch 12 way connector) and as display the Orbital Matrix I2C.

In the second step I want to check the Voltages of 3 banks of battery (1st: motor engine battery, 2nd: nr.2 same motor engine battery as service, 3rd: a gel battery only for the Arduino board): I'll use a 1:3 voltage divider and a 5,1V zener on each analog input for this.

In the third step I want to check the Ampere of each amplifier used in my system (GZPA 1.4000DX, 4kW@1ohm; GZHA1.1800DX, 1k8W@1ohm;GZUA2250D, 500W@2ohm; Helix P200, 400W@2ohm; Helix P400, 440W@4ohm; uDimension ???, 160W@4ohm): maybe I'll use the LEM or the Melexis contactless sensor and the analog inputs.

At 4th step I need to check the temperatures of the amplifiers as listed above using the Dallas 1-Wire: so at least ?? digital pins for the sensors.

Optionally I want to check the SPL inside the car using a pressure sensor (and decrease the master volume of both the DSP's if it's too high).

So... which board is better for me?

A little update.

Checking the datasheet of Microchip Digital Pot, the 42xxx series can be chained using the SPI protocol, with a great reducing of digital outs used (maybe in a similar way as the 1-Wire Dallas Temp sensors).

Using the 'sample request' I've already ordered a couple of MCP42010.