Choosind Dev. board


Iv alsot posted it to Mikroe forums.

Iv got not much experience in PLC area.

I need to build a solar heating system controller with data displaying capabilities.

I cant make a choise between Easypic5 and EasyAVR5. Also im considering over arduino.

atm. ill choose PIC over AVR... since iv got experiance and liked PIC MCUs.

lately iv been reading many forums and got bit confused. They are saying that AVR is cheaper and got better performance.

Im pretty much sure that there are no big difference for a beginner but i like to thing im doing right thing... Learning stuff what will pay off later for example.

AVR got SD card slot, that is what i need.

So witch one ? Get a PIC dev board.... a thing im familiar with or go for AVR new but more features (sd card slot).

Why is a arduino better choice for me ?

Thank you !

The Arduino platform is a C/C++ programming platform so in reality the underlining microchip is secondary, the Arduino can use several in the AVR series. Specific microchip choice matters more for those that prefer to program in assembly language and that is not something well supported with the Arduion, with the exception of being able to include some in-line assembly instruction I think.

As far as why would you choose an Arduino? Well if the various Adrunio boards cover the number of I/O pins you require, have the memory capacity you will need and you are willing to program in C/C++ then you will find it's a very cost effective platorm that is all open sourced (hardware & software) and has great vendor and community support.

But the final choice is of course up to you.