Choosing a BLE/WiFi Antenna

I am running an ESP32 Wrover Kit that is connecting to WiFi and to BLE (nRF52840) devices. The nRF52840 devices are from Adafruit and have a built-in trace antenna.

The nRF devices will be outside in a backyard garden, and I will likely be putting the ESP32 either outside or within a house where only one wall is between. For instance, if I have my nRF chips in the backyard, I will be putting the ESP32 as close to the back of the house or outside in the backyard (but still close to the house).

I am trying to figure out the best antenna to use that will optimize the BLE receive. I am very new to the antenna world, and I purchased one of these from SparkFun. It seems to work really well, but they are on backorder.

So, I was wondering what would be an optimal antenna to use and how should I arrange the ESP32 to get the best reception to the BLE devices (WiFi is whatever.. as long as it's within range). My understanding is that the lower the gain the better, so I was looking at these:

Lower power rating and lower gain. I believe the antenna is powered via the regulator on the board (from USB input).

Also, the ESP32 will be inside of a weather proof enclosure (which is why I using an adhesive antenna that is placed inside of the enclosure). I'm not opposed to putting the antenna outside if that works better for the nRF devices.

You’ve got it backwards, the higher the gain the better. So, your second choice is worse.

While it’s $1 more for a quantity of one, DigiKey has 4,985 pieces in stock.